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Out With The Old, In With The New

Category: News Published: Friday, 04 November 2022
Tropicana Metropark is the reincarnation of an old industrial factory.

Have you ever driven by a shambling building or a disused plot of land depleted of flora and fauna? Old and abandoned development sites are unsightly and could even be an environmental hazard for nearby residents. Such sites can linger for decades until a developer comes by to reinvigorate them.

However, very few developers will go above and beyond in transforming not just the project, but the area surrounding it. With an innovative spirit and vision, these developers turn these sites into awe-inspiring spaces that will last well into the future.

It is precisely this phenomenon that The Malaysia Developer Awards (MDA) 2022 sought to recognise in its Special Awards Transformation category. The awards are benchmarked at an international level, with winners being property developers EXSIM, Sunway Property and Tropicana Corporation.

EXSIM began its property development journey in Kota Damansara. Today, its projects Ceylonz Suites @ Bukit Ceylon and KongsiKL are fast integrating into Kuala Lumpur. In the case of KongsiKL, its landmark with a well-preserved historical facade is a prime case of adaptive reuse as a centre for modern and culturally beneficial projects.

Located in what used to be an abandoned residential project, Ceylonz Suites @ Bukit Ceylon began construction in 2017, a year after EXSIM took ownership of the land. The project was completed three years later, redefining metropolitan living with a creative and playful design. The company utilised the leftover concrete structure on site to create a polished concrete facade for the new building, with bare-faced concrete slabs and imprinted concrete tiles decorating the lobby. The existing structure was retained and reinforced to support the full weight of the new building without compromising its foundations.

This approach draws from the idea of recycling building materials instead of demolishing them in their entirety, minimising waste and energy consumption while reusing resources. Therefore, the construction of the project is not only environmentally sustainable, but it also exudes a nostalgic, industrial feel to its residents and surrounding community. As a commercial project rather than a residential one, the new development breathes new life into the old Ceylon district.


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