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Sierra Hijauan is promoting a post-pandemic residential design to improve lifestyle

Published: Thursday, 28 October 2021
A swimming pool, picnic area, meditation deck, and nature trail are among the amenities in Sierra Hijauan. Courtesy image

Sierra Hijauan, a resort-style luxury development in Sierra Ukay, Ampang, boasts over 20 facilities and amenities within its compound, championing a post-pandemic residential design to improve lifestyle.

A swimming pool, picnic area, meditation deck, and nature trail are among the amenities.

The exclusive clubhouse, one of the development's highlights, is where residents can use the gymnasium, games room, and function room for their daily routines.

According to Datuk Hoo Kim See, senior general manager (central area) of IJM Land Bhd, these facilities provide a variety of activities for residents, including exercise, family bonding activities, and appreciation of nature.

The pandemic has caused significant disruption in many people's lives, directly altering how they work, study, and communicate within the safety of their own homes.

Sierra Hijauan hopes that its residential concepts, designed to redefine urban living, will help its residents achieve peace of mind in their daily lives by catering to this shift in lifestyle needs and demands.

"With an abundance of greenery around, the availability of fresh air is ideal in alleviating health issues. For instance, health experts have found that those who lived near green areas, especially those aged 65 years old and above, slept better at night. By spending more time outdoors and breathing fresh air, serotonin levels are further stimulated to maintain one's mood, appetite, and overall mental health," he said.

IJM Land Bhd launched Sierra Hijauan in Sierra Ukay, Ampang about three years ago and it features a total of 310 landed homes.

IJM Land launched Sierra Hijauan in Sierra Ukay, which is one of the most opulent landed addresses in Ampang, nestled among the foothills of the Ampang Forest Reserve, about three years ago.

A total of 310 landed residences will be built on the 13.3-hectare complex, which includes a clubhouse.

Sierra Hijauan offers residential units next to the Hulu Gombak and Ampang Forest Reserve, which is home to the vast biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Hoo said as a rainforest with a conducive tropical climate, the forest receives a healthy amount of sunlight and rainfall, contributing to the growth of dense vegetation.

The conditions further support a variety of animals and provide nutrients for plants to flourish. In turn, the residents can enjoy the crisp, fresh, clean air from within their homes due to trees and plants' natural air filtering function.

"IJM Land has always thrived by prioritising the needs of our residents. Through top-notch facilities and ample spaces, Sierra Hijauan is another one of our testaments to innovate modern, liveable, and sustainable living," said Hoo.

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