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Small homes; when less is more

Category: News Published: Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Space has always been an important determinant in the search for an ideal house. However, any incremental in this aspect will directly affect the price of the property, and house buyers should not pay more than is necessary for their needs. As much as space offers comfort, there are other negative factors associated with it. Here are some pointers for a house buyer to consider:

More space, more to maintain

For starters, the maintenance of the property is a chore if you have a huge house. More sq ft translates to more area to be mopped or swept on a daily or weekly basis. If the life schedule of the homeowner is too hectic for such mundane duties, a cleaner might also need to be hired, incurring further costs. The paint job for a larger house should also be more costly. Other costs to be considered include decoration and added furnishing.

Curb your hoarding instincts

It is normal for us to accumulate items when the available space in our house is plentiful. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we will tend to take it for granted and start to hoard stuff that we don’t need. Hoarding as a habit results in us expanding our disposable income on unnecessary merchandises, which yet again result in added costs. Going small is not about making sacrifices, it is about making thoughtful decisions that will improve your life.

Bond with the family

Unlike large houses, a small house by default keeps a family closer together. When everyone stays nearby, it is highly likely that the activities of a family member is known by another. Concerned parents could easily tune in to their children’s activities and provide comfort or advise if they are experiencing difficulties in life. The lack of space also increases social interaction between members of the family, inadvertently acting as a bonding agent.

Wider reach in the market

Smaller houses are usually more affordable compared to the bulk of properties available in the market. This attribute allows a seller access to the majority of the house buyers out there, allowing small house owners to convert their houses into cash assets more quickly, freeing them up to meet future obligations.

Home is more than just a space

Space is but a single determinant in a long list of qualifying factors when deciding on one’s life decision to purchase a house. Other values include the location of the property, availability of amenities as well as unhindered accessibility to key locations.


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