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Ride upside of technology

Category: News Published: Friday, 05 October 2018
APPS, smart systems, automation – these are only the beginning of what industry captains say may be an eventful journey towards having a business that is digitally supported and enabled.
With rapid technology development, companies, both large and small, will inevitably be changed. Decades-old business conventions and operating models will be rendered irrelevant as robots, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and the likes become more common applications.

Management will be forced to incorporate new data-driven business models to future-proof their business. However, most SMEs have yet to look into any strategy that will help them tap onto these developments. As technology increasingly levels the playing field across the business landscape, there is an opportunity for SMEs to ride on the upside of the current technology wave.

SMEs can make the most of the digital transformation at the upcoming SMEBiz Think Tank as industry experts and companies that have successfully made the transition share their insights, experiences and expertise on the topic. SMEBiz Think Tank is organised by Star Media Group in support of SME development under The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA).

The event is aimed at helping SMEs thrive in the era of change and hopes to provide small businesses with a platform to learn from and engage with industry experts. Among the topics that will be covered at the event include “Disruption in the SME market”, “SME’s readiness towards e-payments” and “The power of data – monetising data”.

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