Category: Team Published: Friday, 02 June 2023

Name: Eric Loo (振祥)

REN No:REN 241508

Brief Introduction:
Eric has around 2 year of experience in the property industry in sub sale sector. He is one fastest growing agent in Ipoh. He is proficient in the financial knowledge; he is capable to explain the financial knowledge to the customer and link together with the property sector. He is also very experience in property marketing via social media and willing to learn something new in the social media. He is currently focus more on secondary market residential and commercial. .

Area of Focus:
Ipoh area, Kampar Area.

Product Type:
Residential & Commercial

1. Terrace Houses
2. Semi-D
3. Bungalow house
4 Condominium
5. Shoplots in Perak Vicinity